Big companies die from trends, small companies grow from wolves

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2019-10-17 14:26

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Baidu's Robin Li recently released the theory that Baidu needs wolf nature, which triggered some feedback in the public opinion circle. But Baidu's wolfish nature has not really been felt by consumers. One of its competitors, Alibaba, has announced a lot of new toys, including the comeback of Alimama, Alibaba Financial's three-day no-reason refunds, etc.

If wolf nature is a spirit of not giving up until the goal is achieved, Baidu not only failed to show wolf nature, but also did not clearly tell consumers what the "goal" was.

Baidu has the best traffic resources in China, so it is confident that it wants to be an e-commerce company, but it turns out that "it is available" and "it is not available" soon; Baidu wants to create its own blog, but the result is that Baidu Space is unknown; Baidu still wants to As for mobile phones, Android is already in full swing, and Xiaomi Meizu and others have already played mobile phones to the extreme, so far there is no Baidu figure.

Speaking of which, the "strong Baidu" is still only the Baidu of that year and the Baidu products of that year. In the past two or three years, Baidu has basically been resting on its laurels. Only search revenue has increased, and almost all other businesses have been lifeless. This is no longer the high-spirited moment when Robin Li returned to China, but a sign of decline.

Li Yanhong talked about wolf nature, but wolf nature favors small start-up companies more. The reason why wolves have wolf nature is because wolves have survival pressure and fighting genes. However, Baidu now does not worry about survival, but only worries about maintaining success; Baidu also has no fighting spirit. In the past few years, new businesses have been closed quickly if they failed, and there is no sign of any struggle for survival. In contrast, Sina found Weibo before the signs of aging, and Tencent was provoked by 360, and it produced a lot of toys such as security products and WeChat. Baidu is the weakest among China's Internet powerhouses in terms of opening up new businesses. Baidu is already a big company, and the bigger threat is not from competition in the same industry, but from "trends" and the substitution of emerging businesses.

Looking at Microsoft's embarrassment on tablets and smartphones, we can see that even though it is as rich as a country, in the face of the mobile Internet trend, dinosaurs cannot stop environmental changes, and being huge is a burden. Baidu's own success also followed the trend and launched a series of leading products at the time, such as mp3 search. And now Baidu can no longer find where the trend is. This is the real big danger. If Baidu wants to follow the trend and restore its wolfishness, it should operate the company in the direction of miniaturization and return to the original place where it started. For example, many experimental businesses are handed over to outsiders who have no Baidu color to try them out first, instead of using "the management of a large company and the business of a small company."

Baidu has "inferior products" managed by large companies. It is said that it has verified the possibility of the success of e-commerce business in China, and Baidu e-commerce, which was born in 2008, still has the possibility of fighting; but Baidu is really a loser and disappeared without leaving any trace. industry.

Baidu has also formed some business alliances through investment. But what you invest is money, but what you gain is not a "tacit understanding" with the other entrepreneurial team. Even Qunar’s investments have little to do with Baidu’s brand image and main business lines. If you invest, you will invest. In addition to possible financial gains, Baidu will not get an "extended value chain."

Can Baidu still create its own sky? Unfortunately, Baidu is equal to Robin Li, and Robin Li is equal to Baidu, so Baidu can only have one strong business, and cannot find a second person to take care of the second business. In contrast, Alibaba's multi-pronged efforts in e-commerce, payment and finance are invisible to Baidu; Tencent's innovations in products such as WeChat are also invisible to Baidu. If Baidu can no longer open up new paths beyond search, it will be difficult to reverse the trend of Baidu's stock price falling.

I lament that if a small company does not have the wildness of a wolf, it will die in obscurity. After sitting in a circle for a long time, it is difficult to break through inertial thinking. The key lies in whether it has the ability to self-repair and introduce imaginary enemies. That is, you won’t see progress without putting one foot on the edge of the cliff.

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