State Food and Drug Administration listed food safety management bid farewell to "Kowloon Water Control"

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2019-10-21 16:50

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China Food and Drug Administration listed and issued No. 1 announcement

People's Daily Online: [The State Food and Drug Administration can no longer shirk after the listing accident] On the early morning of March 22, the "State Food and Drug Administration" plaque with black characters on a white background was officially hung up. The "Kowloon water control" situation in which food safety was managed by multiple departments in the past is coming to an end. In the future, if there are safety problems in the production, distribution, and catering links of food, there will be no more buck-passing between departments.

Xinhua point of view: [State Food and Drug Administration: Drug approval and other procedures will remain unchanged during the institutional reform] The State Food and Drug Administration, which was listed on the 22nd, issued an announcement saying that the current institutional reform is being carried out. During this period, drugs, medical Various review and approval, inspection and testing, certification inspection, inspection and law enforcement and other matters in the food safety supervision of equipment, cosmetics, health food and catering links are still handled in accordance with the original regulations.


It can better integrate and allocate resources and crack down on illegal activities

Xu Dane Tabloid: Food supervision, on the one hand, must be unified and clarify the ownership of power, and on the other hand, it must also achieve the same power and responsibility. The State Food and Drug Administration has concentrated power in its hands, and the responsibilities it assumes should match it. Under the pressure of responsibility, the new food supervision system can be activated to the greatest extent and exert the power of supervision.

Song Hualin: The new food and drug supervision department can better integrate the administrative resources, technical resources, and information resources of food and drug supervision. Investigate and deal with illegal activities in the food and drug market more efficiently; on the other hand, it can also reduce the law-abiding cost of law-abiding players in the food and drug market and reduce the burden on the supervised.


Whether standard setting and supervision and management are separated

Market Working Committee-Wang Dahong: A Guangdong entrepreneur went to Peking University on weekends and asked him what he expected from the health food supervision after the establishment of the Food and Drug Administration? He hardly thought about it: "Maintain the current licensing system unchanged, and gradually realize the and expand the scope of filing management, the most important thing is: the focus of supervision must be on the production and distribution links.”

Song Hualin: At present, the Ministry of Health is responsible for the formulation of food safety standards, and the State Food and Drug Administration is responsible for the formulation of drug standards. After the institutional reform, if the newly established China Food and Drug Administration can uniformly perform the responsibility of formulating food and drug standards, it will help to make relevant standards truly a governance system that regulates and guides food and drug market activities and promotes the upgrading of the food and drug industry. tool.

Pinghe Yuena_11: Unifying food supervision responsibilities to the Food and Drug Administration can solve the problem of overlapping responsibilities, but if it is also given standards, there may be problems, because it has to bear direct supervision responsibilities, and there is the potential to artificially lower food safety standards. consciousness. If the standard is set low, the responsibility will naturally be small. So I think it's better to separate decision-making and execution.

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