Misunderstood “frozen products”

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2019-10-21 16:48

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“Most of KFC’s food ingredients are originally frozen!” Not long ago, an “exposure post” on the Internet made many netizens exclaim that they were deceived. It turns out that these fast food companies all use frozen products. This is not an obvious “deception of consumers”. who"?

Are frozen products necessarily bad? The answer is no. This newspaper specially invited professionals from all aspects of the industry to explain "frozen food". As Luo Rongmao, a senior frozen food expert in Taiwan, said, freezing is just a physical method of preserving food. Not only does it not affect the nutritional value of the product, it is precisely the current Recognized as the best way to maintain the freshness of food.

And with the development of the food industry, frozen food will become more and more inseparable from people's lives, and a large amount of frozen food will also enter the catering industry, becoming an important force in promoting the chain and standardization development of the catering industry.

In the development of the food industry, freezing is a very good way to preserve products, which can maintain the freshness of products to the greatest extent. In the fast food chain industry, this is also the most widely used technology. As one industry expert said: "Without frozen food, it is absolutely impossible for the chain fast food industry to reach its current scale of development."

The so-called quick-frozen food refers to products that are placed at -35°C and passed through a professional quick-frozen production line to complete the entire freezing process within 5 to 15 minutes, with the core temperature of the product reaching below -18°C. Quick-frozen food is produced using advanced equipment and strict processes. It can be said that the original freshness, color, flavor and nutrition of natural food are maintained to the maximum extent, and the shelf life will also be extended.

As one of the wide range of frozen foods, frozen prepared foods have many advantages.

First of all, it has been processed by low-temperature quick freezing, which can not only maintain the color, flavor and nutritional content of the food to the maximum extent, but also effectively inhibit the activity of microorganisms to ensure food safety.

Secondly, during the production process of frozen prepared foods, the content of fat, calories and cholesterol can be controlled through different combinations of raw materials to meet the needs of different consumers.

Thirdly, there are many kinds of frozen food, which are convenient to eat and can well meet the various needs of consumers. Xu Yuede said that as far as their company's products are concerned, there are currently 5 major categories and more than 3,000 varieties, ranging from non-staple food to staple food, from dishes to snacks. This is unmatched by any other processed food. It also provides convenience for consumers who are not good at cooking.

In addition, quick-frozen food can also adjust the seasonal supply and demand balance, reduce housework, reduce urban waste, and protect the environment. In many respects, freezing is one of the more advanced technologies in the development of the food industry, and it is also an important development direction in the future.

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