About Shanghai Frozen Food Association

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2019-10-21 16:43

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Founded in December 1994, the association is a non-profit, non-profit industrial social group legal person formed voluntarily by the production and operation enterprises and related enterprises and institutions in the frozen and refrigerated food and frozen beverage industry in Shanghai. The association consists of three professional committees: convenience food, meat, poultry and aquatic products, and frozen drinks. Purpose of the association: Guided by the government's economic development strategy, to provide services for enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises and promoting the development of the city's frozen and refrigerated food and frozen beverage industries. The main activities carried out by the association include: holding the "1.18 Shanghai Frozen Food Festival" on January 18 every year; organizing market expansion; conducting industry statistical surveys; regularly holding technical exchange meetings, market seminars and visits of the three professional committees under it; Cooperate with relevant government departments to implement "QS" inspection and management of frozen noodles, rice food and frozen drinks in this city; organize and participate in the drafting of industry standards and local standards; actively carry out technical consultation and technical training; regularly publish the association's internal publication "Shanghai Frozen Food Information"; organize and carry out external exchanges.

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Origin of delicacy

Japanese treasures, just like the literal meaning, are "exotic tastes". It mainly uses aquatic products as the main raw material. Through special processing, it makes full use of its unique flavor and gives it storage properties. It does not need to be processed again and can be eaten directly (including processed foods similar to land products). This is in line with general preferences. Necessities of cultural life. In the delicacies industry, a small amount of high-priced traditional processing techniques and fresh ingredients are used to mass-produce high-end delicacies and become popular delicacies that can be consumed by ordinary families. In recent years, food culture has entered the international era. In China, the birthplace of food culture, with the improvement of consumption levels, consumption