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Flying Fish Roe

Introduction: Flying fish roe, also known as crab roe, has large, plump particles and a good taste. The entrance of the grains burst open, the satisfaction of QQ. Nutritious, containing protein, amino acid.

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【Flying Fish Roe 】 A bag of 1kg x12  A box of 400g× 18

Ingredients:flying fish roe, soy sauce, salt.

Introduction: Flying fish roe, also known as tobiko, a kind of large particles, satiation and pleasant to taste fish roe. The bright-red natural hues of Tobiko are in contrast to its mild taste, which is slightly sweet and salty. It is most often added to rolls not simply for its taste, but because of its consistently crunchy texture and bright appearance. And it also rich in nutrition, like protein and amino acid.

Application: tapas, sushi, salad, garnish dishes.

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