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Seaweed and Agar salad

Introduction: The entrance of Chinese wakame is extremely crisp, fragrant and full of aftertaste. The sweet and sour taste is suitable for customers of all ages, and it is a classic delicacy suitable for all ages.

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Fish seed series octopus series


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【Seaweed and Agar salad】 1kgx12pkt/ctn

Ingredients:Seaweed, Agar-agar, sesame, chili ring, rice vinegar, kelp powder, onion powder.

Introduction:Chuka wakame Japanese name are more popular in world, seaweeds are famous for its low calories and nutritious properties, thinly sliced translucent green in appearance, jelly like agar-agar enrich taste in mouth, sweet and sour flavor, decorated with sesame, healthy side dish popular in restaurant and sushi bar.

Application: Tapas, Sushi gunkan, Salad

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