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Matcha-flavored Snow Dumpling


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[Moqi Matcha Red Bean Flavor Snow Dumpling] 30g×10 capsules

Main ingredients: glutinous rice flour, imported pure animal butter

Introduction: Selected ground matcha powder, thick matcha cream, the entrance of tea aroma and slightly bitter tea taste make people want to leave without wanting to stop. It is very suitable for dessert after meals. It is delicious and relieves greasiness. It is deeply loved by matcha lovers.

How to eat: Defrost at room temperature (5-10 minutes is best for semi-thawing, with the taste of ice cream and rich milky aroma)

Applicable places: all restaurants (Japanese food, hot pot), convenience stores (FamilyMart, 711, Hema), beverage stores, online (Tmall,, Dingdong)

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