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Mayonnaise Lobster

Introduction: Use a variety of secret seasonings to further enhance the tempting flavor of lobster salad. Freezeable mayonnaise is used without any loss. The taste and flavor are excellent. It is a versatile basic model for vegetable salads, cold dishes, and warship sushi. .


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Fish seed series octopus series


Product Details

【Mayonnaise Lobster】 A box of 500g× 18

Ingredients: lobster, mayonnaise, capelin roe, nori pieces.

Introduction:WE use a variety of special condiments to further enhance the flavor about lobster salad. Choosing frozen mayonnaise to make food flavor stronger. It can match with Vegetable Salad, cold dish, gunkan or anything you want.

Application:earthen bowl, sushi,, salad, western-style food.

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