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Teriyaki scallop

Introduction: Raw materials from Hokkaido, shellfish meat is firm, round, white, tender and shiny. The entrance has a smooth feeling and is elastic. Coupled with the careful deployment of our secret seasonings, it presents a rich, slightly sweet, and endless aftertaste food experience.


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Fish seed series octopus series


Product Details

【Teriyaki scallop】 500g×18pkt

Ingredients:scallop,barbecue sauce,chili patse, chili powder, kelp essence, mashed garlic.

Introduction; The raw material of coming from Hokkaido, and the shellfish meat is firm, round, tender and glossy,It is also elastic and tasty and refreshing in the mouth. With the Secret seasoning to mix, it shows the experience of rich, slightly sweet, memorable.

Application: earthen bowl,sushi,creative cusine, chinese cold dish

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