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Spicy & Numb Scallop Trim

Introduction: The fresh and tender skirt meets the authentic fresh rattan pepper from Hanyuan, Sichuan.


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Fish seed series octopus series


Product Details

【Spicy & Numb Scallop Trim】 A bag of 1g× 12

Ingredients:Scallop trim meat, tribute vegetable, sesame, chili ring, pepper oil.

Introduction: The traditional Sichuan flavor of Chinese style. it is a little numb and spicy mixed with sesame seed, but also have mashed garlic scent .It can make the mouth feeling of satisfaction .And Hokkaido Scallop trim itself crisp and chewy. Its collocation just perfect.The lure of good food is hard to resist which let people want to eat again.

Application: tapas, sushi, Chinese cold dish.

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