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Hot spicy Squid neck

Introduction: Selected high-quality squid cartilage, crisp, tender and firm taste, strong Sichuan spicy flavor combined with the natural deliciousness of squid, fresh and refreshing in the mouth, with a lingering fragrance on the teeth and cheeks, which is endless aftertaste

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Fish seed series octopus series


Product Details

【Hot spicy Squid neck】 500g×20pkt

Ingredients:Squid neck,high fructose corn syrup,white soya,scallop extract,MSG, sesame, chili flakes, cumin, sugar, sesame oil, prickly ash oil.

Introduction:Hot spicy squid salad, Squid necks are in moderate size, wrapped with cooked sesame seeds and chili flakes. White squid neck and yolk yellow hot chili sauce are well blended, squid neck texture are tight and crispy, just invite your friends share it with beers, it can lead your friendship to reach a new high level.

Application: Tapas, sushi gunkan, salad.

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