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Capelin Roe

Introduction: Nutritious spring fish roe, crispy and explosive in the mouth, very delicious. And the color is bright, suitable for matching and embellishment with a variety of delicacies, adding visual effects and making people feel happy and full of appetite.


Key words:

Fish seed series octopus series


Product Details

【Capelin Roe】 A box of 500g× 18

Ingredients:capelins roe,rice vinegar ,scallop powder

Introduction: Capelins roe is very nutritious, and the crisp bursting sensation when it in your mouth is delicious. Because the color is bright, so it is suitable for a variety of combinations and garnish dishes to adds visual effect. It touches your taste nerve and hooks up your appetite.

Application: tapas, sushi, salad,pizza, garnish dishes.

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